Evolution or Creationism – Why Not Both?

Science – a process by which we seek to understand the natural world. Yet, sometimes, there are forces that science cannot explain. Forces that can only be explained by the existence of some power outside the realm of the natural, tangible world.

The unique thing about science, and society at large, is that we all have different perspectives. How we see things is largely dependent upon our values, morals, and ethics. But, can our perspective blind our objectivity when it comes to the education of our children in public schools?

From experience, I have witnessed how an individual’s values, morals, beliefs, and ethics blind a person’s objectivity. As a biology teacher, part of the curriculum to be taught to students is evolution. Evolution has always been a controversial topic – in both education and within the scientific community.

In education, the controversy of evolution is compounded by people’s religious views. Science and religion have always been at conflict. In an effort to reduce the controversy of evolution being taught in the classroom, particularly in public schools, the curriculum has been adapted by many states to present an objective view. Many states have made the choice to present evolution in terms of NATURAL SELECTION. There are multiple evidences to support natural selection while being sensitive to the diversity of students’ religious views.

However, when trapped in a community that is a minority, the lines become blurred. Even when presented in the most objective light, religious views seem to win out. Being called out for (attempting) to do your job is the most absurd thing. While my religious views do not align with those of the community, that does not mean that I am not religious nor believe in a higher power. I just do not express my views with my administration (or students) as it does not dictate how I do my job.



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